Zero Calorie Food

How can you forget you ate a cheeseburger

Let alone TWO

^^^ That comes from a program I saw a few years back

Secret Eaters

You may even be one of these yourself (like I used to

If something isn’t part of a meal then it doesn’t count

^^^ Meaning you can forget about it (it’s like it has
zero calories somehow)

So in this program there was a lady who was keeping a
food diary

She was also being followed around by a camera (just to
make sure)

At the end of the day her food diary was analysed

And she’d ‘forgot’ she’d eaten TWO cheeseburgers (from
a well known establishment)

As well as a Snickers bar

And a few choccy biscuits

She thought she’d had 1,500 calories that day (the
amount an average lady would need to steadily lose

When it was more like 3,500

So she was eating way more than double but was still a
bit perplexed as to why she couldn’t lose weight

Now before you get all judgemental about this poor lass

Have a think

Cos the chances are you’ve conveniently forgotten the
odd biscuit here and there

I used to eat a whole tub of Ice-Cream sometimes and
wonder why my love handles were still there

It’s easily done dude

Now for fellas

To lose body fat you probably want to be having
something like 2,000 calorie per day

That will get you to steadily (and safely) lose the

Simple as that

The problem here though is that you have no idea how
many calories are in the stuff you eat

^^^ Especially if you make it yourself

And tracking this stuff is a nightmare (so you quickly
get fed up with it and stop)

Which is why I have an online nutrition system that
provides you with hundreds of easy to make recipes

While negating the need to count calories (because the
meals in there are carefully thought out and checked
over by a UK Clinical Dietician friend of mine)

^^^ So you know EXACTLY what you’re eating without
having to track anything

You’ll get access to this system when you join the 14
day trial starting on 19 Feb

So if you want to FINALLY get in shape

Without all the hassle of worrying about each morsel of
food that passes your lips

Then the BKS 14 day trial is right up your street

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p.s. There’s even beer in there too 😉





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