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What If You’re Not Fit Enough?

Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp

So you need to get fit before you can join

^^^ Just read that again dude…

Then think about what we do here…

If you don’t know then hit me up with any
questions and I’ll answer them for you…

But if you’ve been reading these emails for a
while you’ll already know all the answers…

If not then here’s a few things you can

* LOSE WEIGHT so you can get into your
favourite shirt again without the risk of
having someones eye out with a stray button
(and so you don’t have to sweat your way
through winter as well as summer)…

* GAIN SUPER STRENGTH so you can hoist your
kids onto your shoulders without the fear of
throwing your back out…

* INCREASE YOUR FITNESS (hint – you don’t
have to be fit already)… This is what we do
here… you’ll get a damn sight fitter so you
can keep up with the cherubs when they all run
off in different directions…

* IMMEDIATE access to the members only
Facebook group where you get UNLIMITED
support and accountability from fellas who
get where you’re at…

* Up to 3 sessions per week where you learn
how to get stronger and fitter without
killing yourself in the process (so you can’t
wait to see what happens next)…

* A quick nutrition guide and cookbook to
make sure you can still eat real man food
while dropping some serious timber (your
mates will HATE this)…

* ^^^ AND access to our exclusive NUTRITION
WEBSITE that does everything but cook and eat
the food for you (this is WAAAAY better than
any nutrition plan other trainers will give
you – and they don’t have access to it so
keep it to yourself)…

* More energy, fewer injuries, super strength
and a body you could bounce a coin off of…

* Guaranteed results or your money back (so
there’s no risk as far as you’re

There’s loads more too cheech…

Like how all of this’ll make you feel (not to
mention how the missus will react… if you
get my drift)…

But you’ll just have to find that out for

Apply for one of the 5 spaces available here
v v v

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY

Assuming there are any left by now…


p.s. You got til Sunday night to do this my

Or you can carry on procrastinating and miss
the boat (again)…





Peter Lant

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