You’re Gonna LOVE This

So I’m in the middle of learning a bit more about how
to help you

From afar

See I know you may not live in Bath

Or anywhere near

But due to the power of tinterweb I can still help you

And cos I know you’re pretty damn busy…

I want to make it as easy as possible

So if you want the benefits of training with me IN

Things like:

– Weight Loss so you can actually find a pair of jeans
out there that fit you (and not those horrible skinny
ones that only fit the young thin folk)

– Being fitter than you were in your 20s WITHOUT
injuring yourself in the process (cos I know every time
you go to the gym you come away with some ‘New’ niggle)

– Better mobility in your shoulders and hips so you
don’t have to hunch over when you walk

^^^ All of this making it easier to keep up with the
kids when they want you to run around with them (rather
than just watching from a park bench)

– While becoming super S T R O N G – (which has
happened to everyone who has worked with me in the

You’ll get FULL access to everything I have learned
over the years to make this as simple as possible for

You’ll even get to talk to me via skype to make sure
everything is working for you

Cos most of what you think you need to do is TOTALLY
unnecessary (otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for
anything else)

Now this won’t be cheap

But then the best things rarely are

And because I have been testing, re-testing, refining
and simplifying my programs over the years

I’ve made it so you CANNOT fail…

So if you’re interested in testing my new upcoming
online program (at a discounted 50% OFF introductory

^^^ Which will ONLY be available to the first
successful 10 (TEN) folks who get back to me

It’s not quite ready yet as there are a few things I
need to do before we get started (but I don’t want you
to miss out)

It’s a 3 month program that will start at the beginning
of February

But that doesn’t mean you should hang about cos once
the spaces have gone then I won’t be opening up any more
for another 3 months

And I also want your help in getting this up and
running (cos YOU are exactly who this is for)

So rather than guessing what you want I’m gonna give
you what you ask for

Just hit reply and tell me you want in

Your email will go directly to me

And we’ll take it from there…

So in 3 months time you’ll be a damn sight fitter
stronger and healthier than you have been in the last
20 years

Go on then

Hit reply 🙂


p.s. Once this program is full you will have to wait 3
months until the next one

Which will be twice the price (once the kinks have been
ironed out)

But that’s cool if you want to wait…





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