You’re Doing Well Dude

I made a video the other day

This was the one that got the response in yesterday’s email

The one from the STRONG DAD

If you didn’t see it then check it out…

This is truly life changing stuff we’re doing here

So check out the video

You may just see that you’re doing pretty damn well 🙂

Where were you a year ago?…I asked one of the #strongdads this question and recieved this response"A year ago I had just come back off holiday and developed angina which lead to a heart attack. I'm now nearly 35kg lighter and can walk upstairs, walk long distances and swing a 24kg kettlebell. That's amazing. My mental health is much improved, although still lots of work to do. How would you answer this question?

Posted by Peter Lant on Wednesday, 19 September 2018



p.s. It’s less than a minute…

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