You’re Amazing

Been reading books I have

The one I’m on at the moment has hit me right between the eyes
(so to speak)

It’s called …

‘The Well Balanced Child’

Here’s a quick thing for you to consider

When we go from being a baby to a toddler we go through the WHOLE
EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS in about 18 months

Let me explain

Baby = Fish … just flopping about on the floor

Baby manages to push up from the floor with elbows and look

^^^ This is like a reptile … low to the ground but able to see
what’s around… has the ability to roll over and move by
dragging across the floor

Baby Crawling = Quadruped… can explore further afield crawling
around on all fours (this is when YOU need to keep your eyes on

Baby Standing (holding onto something) = Ape… Able to pull up
against the sofa to stand assisted

Toddler = Walking… Able to get to get into EVERYTHING
(especially when you’re not looking)… This is when the ‘Fun’

This is how we ALL learned to walk and is the very foundation of
our strength

This is why kids need to keep moving because once they discover
video games they’re gonna forget all of this

It’s also why WE as ‘adults’ need to lead by example and keep
moving ourselves…

The easiest way to do that is to get out and play … get the
kids involved and have some fun doing it

Here’s where to start…

Have a ‘Crawl Off’

The kids will LOVE this one… especially as they’ll wipe the
floor with you

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It’s harder than it looks

But your kids will find it easy I’m sure

Just don’t offer to buy them anything if they win (which they
will by the way)



p.s. More tomorrow




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