Your Wait Is Over

No videos today my man

I got something waaaay more pressing for you

It’s this months BKSIC

The online Inner Circle program for members

The guys can’t wait for this one (and I’m
inviting you to join them)

Here’s what’s inside this month

– How to make yourself stronger EVERYWHERE

– A slightly different (yet super simple) way
of training (that you’ll be surprised
actually works)

– How to ‘upgrade’ your press without killing
your shoulders

– A colour coded program that’s ridiculously
easy to follow

– 30 Min workouts you can fit into ANY

– Something TOTALLY new that I’ve been using
myself to maintain my strength (with
outstanding results and VERY little time)

– Shoulder mobility drills learned from an ex
Royal Marines Commando

– (that will make your shoulders feel better
than ever)

– Access to a complete set of mobility videos
housed in my private members only area

And much more

This goes out at High Noon


So don’t miss it my friend

It’s by far the MOST value you’ll get for a
mere £30 per month


p.s. Seriously dude… if you’re doing
programs from magazines

With ZERO help from anyone…

You’re gonna get nowhere

Which is why you get full support from yours
truly (me)

When you join BKSIC





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