Your Biggest Problem

One of the most important things I learned
last weekend…

Was something you already know

But probably don’t do anything about

See when you’re tired

You get irritable

The little things start to annoy you

EVERYTHING becomes a big problem…

You start to act like a dick (and know you’re
doing it)

^^^ Yet you keep going

Until you eventually get that good night’s

Then you realise you blew everything out of

And have to go around making apologies to
everyone you tore a strip off

You have to buy the kids a new toy each

The wife some flowers (which you don’t
usually do so that’ll probably wind her up
even more)

Takes a lot of mental energy to do all of
this shit my man

^^^ Which ends up making you tired again

It’s a cycle I used to go through regularly

Until I learned how to manage my tiredness

By resting when I needed to

But the most important thing I did

Was get fitter so I didn’t burn out as fast


The more healthy you are the more energy you

You start to FEEL better about not being so
tired all of the time

This makes you more active

Which in turn makes you feel better about how
you look

It’s like the reverse of a downward spiral

And all it takes is 10-20 mins per day

If you want to know HOW to manage this
without it costing you a penny…

AND have a group of other fellas to help you
through it

As well as another bunch who have already
seen the benefits for themselves

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