You’ll Know If You’re One Of Them

You’re gonna hate me for this

Especially if you’re one of these guys

You’ll know if you are

You ‘say’ you haven’t got time for stuff

Important stuff

Like getting stuff done at work

Or picking up some flowers for the Mrs

Being there for the kids’ bed time after work

(^^^ Which is linked to you fannying about at

Yet still

I see summink that makes my mind boggle…


Those stoopid fkn Farcebook ‘quizzes’

You know the ones…

NO-ONE can get all 10 of these questions

^^^ No-one meaning people who have never left
the house and get all of their info off of

Yet YOU have time to do those

And you get 100% which makes you feel good

Don’t say it doesn’t dude

So what just happened…

Well apart from you giving your information
to a million different companies who now know
you like to spend your ‘free’ time looking at
pointless quizzes

So they can market their shit to you

You’ve also wasted 10 minutes adding ZERO
value to your life

Which all adds up my friend…

That’s why I get a likkle bit pissed off when
fellas tell me they haven’t got time to get
in shape

cos if you’re using your time to ‘escape’
from the hum drum of the office…

Then why not use it wisely…

By actually DOING something about your
current state of health

Before it’s too late

So rather than bangin’ on about it

Take 30 seconds

To hit this link v v v

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY

And start using your time wisely


p.s. If you had time to read this email you
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CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY

p.p.s. if you came straight here then you
clearly don’t have the time

Which will be a waste of my time

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