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You Want My Shoes Too?

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I’ve just dished out a grand

In physical sheets

To the members of BKS who took me up on the 31 Day

Where they did a workout every single day throughout

And posted a video on Farcebook

Now I thought a couple of them would do it

But SEVEN of these badasses completed ALL 31 days

That’s some commitment

They all have busy lives



But they still managed to set aside time to keep
themselves fit through the festive period

^^^ Where most of us just give up and start again in
January (how’s that going by the way)

Russ was in Belgium for a few days

Dave was in Sweden

But they still managed to find a kettlebell and get in
a workout every day

Claire even said it’s the first Christmas she can
remember where she HASN’T put on weight

So if you’re wondering whether this stuff works or not

I have all the proof you need

It’s all over my Face(book)

As well as the pictures of me dishing out £100 to each
of the seven who completed the challenge

^^^ When was the last time your gym rewarded you like

So if you want to be part of further challenges like

Or you just want to get in shape and have the
motivation that these folks have (by being around them
while you workout)

Then all you need to do is apply via the link below


But do it NOW as the price goes up after tomorrow







Peter Lant

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