You Still Wanna Get In Shape?

So last week was a bit of a write off…

You got the kids to school ok on Thursday

But then they got sent home again an hour later

So you had to abandon the day to keep an eye on the
little cherubs

Then on Friday


Snow and plenty of it…

No chance of getting to work so why not go out


But if the same thing happened to you as happened to

And some of the fellas here at BKS

You’ll probably have eaten loads of crap too

Sank a few more beers than usual…

And done bugger all over the weekend (while the snow

Yep the whole country decided to let it all hang out
(so to speak)

But that’s cool… cos we need that

Which is exactly what I said to one of the fellas

See sometimes we WANT to exercise but just can’t make
the time

But that’s never a problem

It’s when we DON’T want to when the problems can occur

Cos in these situations

If you do nothing

Then when you actually are up for a session (but are
just too busy)

You feel guilty about missing last week

Before you know it you’ve done nothing for a few weeks

And you feel like you’ve reversed everything you worked
hard for

All just cos of a bit of snow

^^^ Which is why I like to use kettlebells

Cos you can keep a set at home for this very occasion

It’s also why my 5 Day Kettlebell Fat Funeral will be
right up your street

All you need is a bell and 10-15 mins per day for 5

That’s it

This’ll keep you going through the busy times so you
NEVER miss a session

It’ll also make you damn strong

As well as lean

It starts every Monday and all you need to do to join
is hit the link below

==> Join my 5 Day Kettlebell Fat Funeral

If you’ve already done it then do it again…

If you found it too easy then use a heavier bell

Or choose one of the tougher sessions from my

101 Kettlebell Swing Workouts Book

There’s plenty there that’ll get you stronger dude



p.s. Does that mean it’s actually spring now then?





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