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Unless you want to carry on reading them…

Cos you just LOVE to talk shit about me

(to make you feel better)

Which is kinda what this email is all about
as it happens…

See I discovered something about a year ago

It was while I was being taught how to
meditate by some Ishaya Monks

Yep I meditate (and I’m not a hippy or

See I use it to create space to think

so I don’t get all caught up in what other
people are thinking and doing…

^^^ Cos I can’t control that…

What I discovered was…

It’s easier to spiral down than it is to
spiral up…

Make sense…

It takes you zero effort to let everything
get on top of you…

– The kids getting bored and demanding your

– Work piling up

– Your phone buzzing every 2 seconds (with
nothing of interest to you or anyone)

– Feeling permanently knackered and in need
of a holiday

(where the kids will be demanding and your
phone will be buzzing)

But there’ll be plenty of booze to sedate
yourself with…

See how you can just ‘fall’ into that

Whereas dealing with all of this stuff

Maintaining your cool while everything and
everyone around you is trying its hardest to
piss you off…

Creating space in your head…

The capacity to deal with the this unplanned

^^^ That’s HARD to do right…

Thing is though there is something you can do
about it

But it requires a small amount of effort on
your part my man

Unless you actually LOVE the struggle (which
no-one really does by the way)

It’s just something fellas say when they
can’t be arsed to ‘own’ their own shit

^^^ Which was me a couple of years ago

But since I learned to maintain my cool

I can deal with pretty much anything

Which gives me TOTAL control over how I react
in a stressful situation

And stops me wasting even more time going
over and over what I should have done or said

^^^ Cos that’s exhausting dude

It’s time to start that upward spiral my man

It’s actually more simple than you might

You just have to do a small amount of
something positive

And if you couple that with getting fitter
stronger and healthier at the same time

You have the perfect recipe for success…

Which is right here

Success This Way v v v

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