You Sir… Are A Hypocrite

Had a bloke look at my rear entrance this

Ooooh Matron…

I cut down yet another load of overgrown
stuff in my garden…

That’s been stressing me out for ages…

So I finally went to town on it…

But I have no way of getting rid of it…

I don’t have a car

I have no green bin (cos there’s nowhere to
put it)

So I contacted a guy who will come and do it
for me…

Leaving me time to do what I do best

^^^ Which is helping you

Now I was gonna bang on about how it’s easier
to ask someone who knows what they’re talking

Who does stuff for a living

So it’s quicker and easier for you

But this guy has a story that I just had to

He clears gardens…

Heavy work that

Especially for a fit fella who does it day
after day…

But this bloke

Has Lung Cancer

He’s on Chemo

Yet he’s still working hard

” Better than sitting at home feeling sorry
for myself “

That’s what he said to me…

And I Fucking LOVE that

If only everyone could be that way

There’d be less illness about

Fewer trips to the docs

A better equipped NHS that isn’t constantly
strained to bursting point because we have
given up on looking after ourselves…

We’ve shirked our responsibility to keep
ourselves fit and healthy

We now rely on the pharmaceutical companies

(who make us hypocrites when we constantly
whine about how much they charge for the
latest miracle pill)

^^^ Yet we are the ones creating demand for

Making the head honchos fatter and richer and
pushing up the demand for their own

That my friend

Is WHY I do this…

It’s why I want to get YOU fitter and

It’s WHY I’m in your inbox every damn day…

It’s why I post videos to SHOW you it can be

YOU just need to take responsibility for

–> Or we’re all fucked…

^^^ And our kids will be next…

Time to do something about it dude…

Wanna change the world?

You can start right here v v v

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p.s. think I’m full of shit?

That’s cool…

The door is this way




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