You Numpty

No not you…


I’M the numpty


Because I forgot to add the link to BKSIC yesterday

I had you all fired up and ready to join after telling you
about the results Chris has had

Then I neglected to give you the link…

Like I said

What A Numpty


If you wanna get fitter stronger and healthier

For a mere £1 per day

^^^ Yep you read that right

I was gonna do what everyone else does and compare this to
something that you probably buy EVERY DAY that costs around
£1… But I’m struggling to actually think of anything that you can
actually buy for a pound these days

^^^ Unless you go to the pound shop that is

Most people would compare it to a cup of coffee
^^^ But you spend a fortunes on those right

And this is waaaaay cheaper

Like THREE TIMES as cheap

Oh and if you don’t like it…

You can cancel ANY time

==> Check out the BKS Inner Circle here



p.s. Even a Curly Wurly will cost you more these days




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