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You ‘Man’ Enough?

This is NOT what you want to hear…

But fellas say it to each other all the

‘Just man up princess’

This is usually what the ‘alpha’ males say to
each other…

While slapping each other on the arse…

And overcompensating for the fact that
they’re shit scared and hiding from

But that’s not us dude is it…

We’re ready to face up to our challenges…

Take our struggles head on and actually
overcome them…

And if a 20 year old lady like Zoe can do

Then what’s stopping you my man?….

Here’s what she had to say after signing up a
few weeks ago…

Finding something that obviously works (from
seeing my dads progressions) and fits in
perfectly with my manic days and weeks, has
made turning up to kettle bells at 7 in the
morning waaaaay more enjoyable than I thought
it would be!

I thought being a young female I would feel
intimidated (which would be highly weird for
me to feel) would stop me just going for it
and trying something new, wasn’t the case;

the guys are a good laugh and I fit right

the hour flies by which motivates me
personally to just do as much as I can and
push myself to just do it!

Best thing I’ve done for myself in a very
long time!

Being out in the fresh air first thing is
also a perfect start to a my already crazy
days 👸🏼

Highly recommended!

She’s surrounded by middle aged geezers but
ISN’T intimidated…

So if intimidation was your excuse then think
again my friend…


‘Woman up’ like Zoe did…

There’s only 3 spaces left on the latest

So you’d best jump in fast…

Cos once we’re full you’ll have to wait…

And I have a plan for the next one that’ll
make sure we do fill up…


So you can wait til then and miss out v v v

Or get in front of everyone else and take
action NOW…

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p.s. What’s it to be princess?





Peter Lant

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