You Look Great

A few weeks ago there was a discussion going on in the STRONG DAD
WhatsApp group

One of the fellas said that a few people that week had told him
how great he looked (so he wondered what they wanted)

^^^ Which you may think is a funny response but when you’re not
used to people telling you how great you look it can be hard to
know what to say

When all that’s needed is a simple ‘Thank You’

Which is what I said to him

Here’s the funny thing though

Whenever I compliment any of the guys in the group they accept it


Because there’s ZERO BS

That’s why it’s so effective

There are plenty of people around who will tell you what YOU want
to hear

And yes … there are folk around who will compliment you before
asking for a favour

Which is why when you join the STRONG DAD program you know that
everything said is genuine

Now you may be thinking this sounds scary

Like we’ll pounce on you when you miss a workout

Or eat a pizza

But that’s not true

We’ll help you to understand why this happened

It may just be that you were busy or tired (and that’s cool)

It happens

We’ll help you acknowledge that and move on (while giving you
strategies to help you stay on track in the future)

^^^ While still being able to miss the odd workout and eat pizza
(or cheesecake… ooohhhh man I luuuurve the cheesecake)


Where was I?

Ah yes

Zero BS

If you want to be part of the next phase of the STRONG DAD Online

Where we will support you every step of the way without making
you feel bad about falling off the wagon every once in a while
(or even every day to begin with)

All you need to do is apply v v v

==> CLICK HERE to apply to join the ZERO BS Strong Dad Online Program



p.s. I would say you look great

But then I’ve never seen you so that would be BS

If you join the STRONG DAD program though

Chances are I’ll be saying that to you in a few weeks…

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD you sexy mofo





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