You Have To Suck

Take it easy…

That’s what I’m doing this week

See I got my StrongFirst level 2
certification this weekend

So I want to be fresh going into it

This is the culmination of all my training
over the last 5 months

^^^ Although pretty much everything I’ve done
over the last 5 years has brought me here

Cos when I started swinging a kettlebell

About 5 years ago

I was using a 12kg (and had terrible

But rather than muddling through on my own

Trying to figure it out for myself

Risking injury with every swing of the bell

I asked for help…

I was willing to accept that I was rubbish

And learn from someone who knew what they
were doing

But instead of finding any old trainer

^^^ I sought out the best in the world at
this stuff

(If you’re gonna do summink you might as well
do it right)


This was the best thing I ever did

And is why I keep going back to learn more

All I had to do was be willing to suck

^^^ (that’s not how I passed by the way)

It’s the willingness to admit that you need
help that gets you the best results my friend

It worked for me

An average fella with a desk job

So it can work for you too

Don’t believe me

Then let me prove it to you

At the next 14 day trial starting Mon 15 May

As in THIS coming Monday

CLICK HERE to get your FREE blueprint so you can start getting stronger TODAY


p.s. If you think you’ll be the least
experienced there

Have no fear

We’re ALWAYS learning

We’re all willing to admit we suck





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