You Have Everything You Want

In a time when we have everything we want

right at our fingertips

Anything you need is just a click away

Delivered right to your door

Planes are like buses

Shuttling people all over the world

People get paid to literally sit on their
arses all day

‘pretending’ to be busy

In a time like this

How is it

That there are miserable people everywhere?

^^^ That’s a rhetorical question my man

Cos I know the answer see

Have a look around

We’re unfulfilled

Nothing challenges you anymore

Everything comes too easily


(even sex has become an instant gratification

Get it done and out of the way cos you’re
just too busy

There’s a low level of depression hanging
over most of the population

And most of us


We do NOTHING about it

Cos it’s become normal

It’s why you need to challenge yourself dude

Cos the alternative is to live a life of

^^^ Which is boring as fk

And it takes a shit ton of energy to manage

Mainly cos you can’t explain why you feel
like this

So I’m asking you to do me a small favour

I want you to take that wasted energy

And channel it into getting yourself away
from where you are right now

Cos another 40 years of this is gonna be
pretty shitty…

So to avoid that inevitability

I want you to just have a look at this link
(and see what you think)

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p.s. Or you can carry on doing nothing





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