You Have A Beautiful Smooth Snatch ;)

BKS is about the ONLY place you can say that and
not get a slap


The snatch is a move we do here

And the smoother the better

(get your mind out of the gutter)

The snatch requires a POWERFUL hip thrust

You need to ‘go deep’ to get the full effect

Honestly dude… you have a filthy mind…


Here’a a video of a group snatch session

==> CLICK HERE to see what I mean

^^^ ALL of these folk were complete beginners when they
started here at BKS

Some of em didn’t even know what a kettlebell was

But now they’re more handy with a bell than 99% of
folk out there (and that’s not an exaggeration)

As are the guys on my Online STRONG DAD program

^^^ These are the guys who follow my program at home

While getting fitter, stronger and healthier

So they have a sporting chance of living longer

If you wanna know more

==> CLICK HERE to see what the STRONG DAD program has to offer



p.s. Apparently snatch can be slang for summink

But I can’t remember what





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