You Guys :)

So why are these guys so special?

Just because they can chuck a bell around a few times and not die


Here are the guys I’m talking about

club 100

Here’s the thing though…

They’ve ALL had a few struggles to overcome along the way…

– One of these guys didn’t touch a kettlebell for his first two weeks as a member (because it was unsafe for him to do so)… and look how much he has progressed

– One of these fellas has been battling an injury for most of this year (but has overcome it)

– One of these guys has a history of injuries and mobility problems (but has managed these through BKS)

– One of these guys has never found any formal exercise that he actually LIKES (until now)


— ALL of these guys have proven to themselves that they are STRONG

— ALL of these guys couldn’t fathom doing this a few short months ago

— ALL of these guys started exactly where YOU are at right now (from the VERY beginning)


The only difference between them…


Is that they put aside their inhibitions and just stepped up to get stronger

And they’re PROOF that BKS works

So if you wanna Be Like These Guys

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p.s. I love these guys

(not in that way tough) 😉



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