You Done In Yet?

You’ll have noticed that these emails have been rather

And there’s a reason for that

See I know you’re busy

And with the run up to Christmas

The kids will be under your feet

You’ll have a bunch of deadlines at work (why does
everything need to be done by Christmas anyway)

You may even still have ANOTHER party to attend

Before the SERIOUS eating and drinking begins next week

^^^ And that’s gonna be a lot of lard to shift in the
new year

When it’s dark and cold

But that’s cool

Cos your Uncle Peter is here to help you

So be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming

Like my 5 Day Kettlebell Fat Funeral

^^^ There’s one going on RIGHT NOW

And the folks in there are smashing it

But don’t worry

Cos you can do it whenever you like

When you’re ready

^^^ Which is probably NOW seeing as you’re here reading

All you have to do is follow the link below

==> CLICK HERE to join the next 5 Day Kettlebell Fat


p.s. I got a great present for you for Christmas

Only 5 More sleeps





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