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You Can’t Do Squat

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I saw something last week that nearly blew my

And I see some pretty cool stuff on a daily

But this astounded even me…

So Claire started with us 2 months ago…

And she couldn’t do SQUAT…


She couldn’t do even one bodyweight squat…

(see what I did there)


I gave her a couple of super simple exercises
to do at home…

That took 2 mins each

Needed ZERO equipment

And she could even get the kids involved to
keep em entertained…

Then last week

During the playing card session (have you
done it yet)

She completed ELEVEN squats with a 10kg bell
(in one sitting)

Along with a whole load more squats



Loaded walks

But she didn’t stop there…

When she started (on her own at home)

She was swinging an 8kg bell

But during the same session last week

She was chucking around a 24kg with one

^^^ Which is tough for most geezers

Let alone a mum of two…

If that’s what she’s doing in the first two

Imagine where she’ll be by this time next

(Has made me up my game I can tell you)

So dude

If you wanna know how Claire did all of this

Where she started

You can find it right here v v v

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p.s. Read all of that again dude

It’s probably doesn’t sound like much

But trust me

Progress like this is the norm here
at BKS





Peter Lant

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