You Asked – I Delivered

What kind of results do we get here?


It depends what you’re looking for…

— If you’re looking to lose weight the best
result so far is

8 Stone Weight loss

– If you’re looking to gain some upper body
strength we have

Fellas who regularly hoist 24kg above their
heads with one arm (where they used to
struggle with 16kg)

— If you are tight EVERYWHERE and can’t put
you shoes on without groaning

We have more mobility ‘hacks’ than you can
poke a shitty stick at (and they ALL work)

— If you’re worried about your health in any
way then

We have a guy who used to take 12 pills per
day (now he takes ONE)

If you’re worried about

High Blood Pressure

Type 2 Diabetes

High Colesterol

Increased Risk Of Heart Disease




Then chances are you’re gonna be stressing
yourself out and therefore increasing the
chances even more…

If you want to be able to keep up with the

And not be the dad who has to

‘sit this one out’ (again)

Then I want to help you…

See these are just some of the results we’ve
seen here at BKS

This shit works

It’s THE place to be if you want to
experience ANY of the above

Or just have a ruddy good laugh while getting




Without having to join a boring gym…

But you have to be ‘in it to win it’

so to speak

Cos there are only 5 spaces up for grabs

Starting Next Monday

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p.s. Hit me up if you want to know about
MORE results

Cos these are just a few examples





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