Woman Gets Laid By A Fish

When was the last time you went to the pictures

^^^ Apparently no one calls it that any more

But I do… ha


The fellas at BKS would love to go and see some of the
films I talk about

But they can’t

They only get to watch kids movies…

They long for the days when they can go and see some
proper sex and viol-ence

^^^ That sort of stuff is alright I suppose

But when I mentioned that I’d been to see The Shape Of

One of the fellas came up with what could have been the
greatest strap line for a film EVER

“Is that the one where a mute falls in love with a

^^^ Brilliant

It was however one of the best films I’ve seen in a
looooooong time (that and 3 billboards)

Made me think a bit

Cos the lass in it is mute (so she feels alone)

The monster… (fish guy) … can’t speak either

He also has the added pressure of being attacked with a
cattle prod every 2 minutes

He’s not a bad fish… just different

So people are afraid of him

But not this lady… she gets him

It’s kinda like the guys who join one of the BKS

They felt alone before they started

No idea what to do

Didn’t understand what all these trainers were bangin
on about

Sets – reps – mobility – squat – deadlift – tabata –
HIIT – (the list goes on)

^^^ It’s a language all of its own

And we tend to be afraid of things we don’t understand

And I know how that feels

Cos unlike a lot of the other trainers out there who
have been fit their whole lives

I used to sit behind a desk for 10 hours a day… (for
15 years)

I’ve had pretty much ALL of the joint pain issues that
you probably have right now

The achy lower back used to annoy the hell out of me

The fact that I was weak just made me feel worthless

I wallowed in this for years (while hitting the gym
with ZERO progress)

Until I realised that I was NEVER gonna get strong
until I actually learned how

So I did

And I want to teach you what I’ve learned over the last
15 years

What I’ve taught the fellas who come to BKS

As well as those on the STRONG DAD online program

Cos without this you may very well just give up (if you
haven’t already)

^^^ And I don’t want you to do that

The STRONG DAD program is open again (but only for 5

So if you’re struggling to keep up with the cherubs and
are constantly knackered

And it feels like this will NEVER end

==> APPLY to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. Closes 1 March so be quick






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