Want A Body Like Wolverine?

We see pictures of male film stars all over the place

Magazine covers, billboards, social media, on the big screen… and there’s one thing these guys all have in common

— They’re ripped —

Wouldn’t it be great to look like Christian Bale in Batman Begins

What about Daniel Craig in the bond films

Brad Pitt looks pretty buff in everything he does doesn’t he…

These guys are all in their 40s (one’s in his 50s) and they all still look pretty damn good

So what does it take to look like them

Well… it depends WHEN you last saw them

Let’s take Wolverine as an example

He’s pretty cool right… nice and edgy… and if you’ve seen X-Men Days Of Future Past… he’s built

—> but it wasn’t always this way

It would appear that the ‘ideal’ bloke look has changed somewhat over the past few years (which doesn’t hold out much hope for most of us)

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We’re all aiming for a moving target

Not a target that moves side to side

Or even up and down

Nope… this target is constantly moving away from us for a couple of reasons:

1) The outcome we are looking for is now more ‘extreme’ than it use to be

2) We are all getting older

So back to Wolverine…

Here’s a picture of what he looks like

personal trainer bath

This was when the first X-Men film came out in 2000

I remember at the time wishing I could look that trim but thinking it would take a great deal of work as well as a lifestyle change (because I was pretty unhealthy in those days)

Fast forward to now and I do look a bit like that… brilliant right

I’ve done it (‘cept I haven’t got a hairy chest)

I changed my life somewhat (mainly because hangovers are a killer these days) and it paid off

So now I can rest right?

—> Wrong

As it happens I have a little bit more work to do because this is what Wolverine looks like 14 years later vvv


Looks slightly different right

Now I’m aware that in the film he’s actually in his younger self’s body but that doesn’t fool anyone

So what happened?

Here’s the thing my man

It’s up to YOU to decide what’s a good for you

If you want to look like 2014 Wolverine then you have to be all in

You have to clean up your lifestyle and give up A LOT

Do you reckon Hugh Jackman just did a couple of extra gym sessions and gave up cake for a week


He hired a trainer

He did 1-2 hours per day six days a week for 5 months (and he was already lean to begin with)

He ate well pretty much ALL of the time


So I’m guessing he wasn’t starting from where you are right now my man

If that’s what you want though then brilliant… go for it… but be aware of how much work, time and effort it’ll take and decide if this is worth completely overhauling your life for

If, like me however, you’re happy looking like the 2000 Wolverine

—> Who’s just as much of a bad ass in my opinion

This would be what we refer to in the trade as a realistic (not to mention sustainable) goal

It’s all relative…

If you have a full time job, a couple of kids and a social life then training to be a ripped body builder is gonna get in the way right

I get it though

Most guys will read this and think it can’t be all that hard

You just do 300 sit-ups a day and you get the six pack right

The rest comes from doing bicep curls and bench press

But most guys will have already been doing this for years without the results (just another few months though and it’ll happen)

^^^ this was me for 10 years by the way

It took me that long to realise that I needed to change what I was doing (cos it clearly wasn’t working)

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So here’s the question my man vvv

What do you have to do to get what you want?

What’s the ONE THING that needs to change?

What’s stopping you?

Exercise, nutrition, time, money, stress, lack of motivation, you think this is all a load of rubbish?

What is it?…

Once you can overcome that one thing then you’re already half way there

—> If it’s all of the above

Start with the biggest problem… THE ONE THING

The rest will fall into place soon after

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