Why Willpower Alone Will Burn You Out

Now that you’ve decided to start getting fit and strong how are you going to make sure you
don’t give up?

I hear about fellas who have bags of willpower which is why they always get what they want

Thing is though

If you rely on willpower

^^^ You’re constantly forcing a situation to get a result

Let’s take weight loss as an example

You decide you need to lose a few pounds (a modest goal but we all know it’s not as easy
as all that)

You find a diet that will work for you

You stick to it for a month

You lose the weight

Then what?…

Is that it?

What happens when you go back to what you used to eat?

You already know the answer right (as do I because I did this a lot over the years)


You put it all back on

But what if you could find a way that doesn’t rely on willpower

What if you could start something that takes very little effort

Something that has no end

Only a beginning and a journey

Because the result is a feeling rather than some number on the scales

A feeling of self-worth, happiness, freedom

It can be done

All you have to do is ask yourself the following questions

And I want you to write down the answers (get a pen and I’ll wait right here for you)


1) What do you want to achieve in your health and fitness?

Write it down

Read it back

You’ll realise that this is your number one goal right now

In this moment

Which leads me nicely onto the next question


2) If you got what you wanted in the first question

What would change in your life?

Again – write it down

Spend a bit of time and just write whatever appears in your thoughts


Ok last question

3) If you got what you described in the answers to 1 & 2

How would you FEEL?

THIS is your why…

This is why you want to lose a few pounds

The simple realisation that taking away the process based method and actually working
towards a feeling…

Something that can’t really be measured except by the smile on you face

And the fullness in your heart

Is hugely powerful…

Do you think this will get you a better result than forcing yourself to diet?

No need to write that one down…

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