Why’s It Harder For You?

I talk to a LOT of fellas about this stuff

I obviously get asked what’s the best training program… best

How do I lose weight

Are carbs bad…

All of these questions are your way of searching for excuses as
to why you can’t get in shape…

And if you don’t believe me then think about what you tell
yourself when you’re about to make what you know is probably not
the best decision to get you in shape (but you do it anyway)

It’s very easy to convince yourself that you’re telling the truth
(even though deep down you know you’re not)

But you manage to surpress that so far inside that you BELIEVE

^^^ Crazy right… but we ll do it

Just look at how many part time alcoholics turn up when the sun’s

The amount of folk I walked past at lunchtime clutching a can of
Stella last week (them not me) was insane

Just cos we got a bit of sunshine it gives you and excuse to have
some ‘time off’

I went for a long walk on Weds and as I strolled past the beer
garden of the Bathampton Mill it was RAMMED… at 2pm

(On a Wednesday afternoon)

I find it funny when we all complain about the crap weather in
this country… we wish it could be more like Spain or Italy…

But imagine if it was… NOTHING would get done…

We’d all be out getting permanently smashed


It’s the porkies you tell yourself that makes it difficult to

It’s waaaaay easier to think of why you can’t do something rather
than actually making a positive change that you know will
reward you in the future

And if you actually DO want to change then it’s almost impossible
to do it on your own…

Without someone there to actually see through the BS that you’ve
convinced yourself is true

I’ve worked with tons of fellas who tell me why it’s harder for
them to get back in shape than everyone else

But when they hear from those who’ve followed my program they
realise that they are not that different…



Lack of fitness


Problems with sticking to programs

ALL of these are things that you use to convince yourself that
it’s harder for you

SO when I tell you that I work with busy dads who have kids,
jobs, previous injuries, are out of shape, and have never stuck
to a program in their lives…

Until now…

Then you will have to think of a whole load of new excuses to
differentiate yourself (which will take up a lot of time and
energy by the way)


You could use that time and energy to actually get in shape

^^^ Makes sense right

The STRONG DAD Online program is designed to STOP you from
convincing yourself that you can’t do it

To help you face up to the excuses you’ve been making for years
… so you emerge on the other side stronger and more powerful
than you are right now

Showing you how excuse making has been holding you back all of
this time

Making you wish you’d done something like this sooner…

It’s way more than just a fitness program

It’ll show you that you can get past the hum-drum lifestyle that
everyone else has and actually BE DIFFERENT

Cos look around you dude

The vast majority of people are out of shape and making excuses
as to why eating sensibly and doing a bit of exercise doesn’t
work for them

^^^ When it does for the fellas I work with

Funny that…

There must be some sort of ‘secret’

But there isn’t

It’s no secret that I will be there with you every step of the
way to make sure you get in shape and CRUSH those excuses once
and for all

It’s what I do… It’s what I’m good at

And it’s why I want to help you…

it’s why you’re here reading this

And it’s why the STRONG DAD program will help you

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. Where’s the sun gone?






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