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Why You Keep Giving Up

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You joined the gym and are ready this time…

You’re gonna bloody do it

Once and for all…

That first week…

You get out of bed an hour earlier…

Feel all excited about what you’re gonna look
like when you lose that first half a stone…

And how that will spur you on to lose more

It will give you all the motivation you

But then the boss calls an early meeting for
next week

You’re gonna have to miss a day…

The next day seems like a struggle to get out
of bed for some reason…

But that’s ok…

It’s just a little wobble

You’ll get back to it next Monday

When the mornings are darker

And colder

When the duvet gets heavier

And cosier

Ah well…

You didn’t really want to lose weight

It’s all good the way it is right now…

At least you’ll have some ‘insulation’ to get
you through the long cold winter

^^^ Happens to us all dude…

But I finally discovered how to CRUSH the
need for motivation…

So you NEVER give up again

Even when you do have these little wobbles…

It’s all due to the ‘Dreaded Drift’




And I’m gonna show you how to get past that

So you never have to rely on motivation

At my free Live Online Training Event

Which you register for here v v



p.s. If you wanna try and go it alone

And waste more time and money

Then that’s cool

Unsubscribe is this way





Peter Lant

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