Why You Gave Up The Gym

Here’s how the gym model works

You pay £50 per month (and get tied into a 12 month

Go for a week or 2

Give up

The gym has made £600 out of you (and will keep
charging you after the 12 months until you tell them to

^^^ Which is when they will invite you back in for a
‘re-activation’ session

(if they can be bothered)

My online training model works like this

You pay monthly

And in 3 months you will get waaay better results than
you would have done joining the gym

^^^ The EXACT results we talked about at the very start
of your program

The results that we track throughout your program

And if… at the end of the 3 months you’re not

I’ll give you your money back

So there’s absolutely ZERO risk for you

The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work and you’ve
saved yourself £600

The absolute BEST that can happen is you get back in
shape and become stronger than you have EVER been

And save yourself £375

Read that bit again dude

Either way you save yourself money

And learn a ton about how to STAY in shape for the rest
of your life (without becoming a gym rat)

Which in my view is priceless

So if you want to get in on my

S T R O N G -> Dad program

If you want to lose the ‘Dad-Podge’ so your kids see
you becoming the Dad they already know you are

The Strong dad who can handle anything

Who they want to be

Then hit the link below and apply

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