Why This WON’T Work For You

I’m scared of it

You probably are

In fact we ALL are dude

Which is why when you’re presented with

Something that will help you lose a stone in
the next 6 months

(which is EXACTLY what you want right now)

You STILL don’t jump at the chance

Even when it’s FOR FREE

As in ZERO risk to you

But for some reason

–> You think you might look foolish

But here’s why that CAN’T happen

Because I’ll be the only one on screen

While YOU sit and take notes

No one can see you

If you have any questions

You can type em in a text box (Anonymously)

So no-one will ever know you were there

You’ll leave armed with EVERTHING you need to
lose a stone in the next 6 months

It’s almost like you swooped in there

Gathered what you wanted…

What you’ve been searching for all these

And then helicoptered out of there

Like the SAS or summink…

Before anyone knew what had hit them…

And by Christmas your missus will be asking
you why your jumper doesn’t fit

Cos EXTRA LARGE isn’t what you are any more

And then she’ll whip it off you 😉

So all you gotta do is

hit this link to ‘steal’ all of the
information it’s taken me FIFTEEN YEARS to



p.s. Not to mention how much it cost me to
learn all of this…

In time as well as money

But I’ll tell you that on 31 October






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