4 Reasons Why Kettlebells Are A Must For Men Over 40

What if there was just one single exercise that could increase whole body strength, fitness and reduce the lardy stuff? I know that sounds like some marketing hype but I assure you its real and I have science to prove it.

See the biggest myth men have about losing lard is that they must eat next to nothing and hit the gym 5 times a week working chest one day, legs another day, arms another day etc when the reality, this is simply not true and not necessary as you’ll soon see.

Regardless of the science I’m about to present to you, I’ve seen my ‘simplistic’ philosophy work for over 50 men over the last few years via Bath Kettlebell Society. Guys have lost weight, improved mobility, gotten stronger and even mentally tougher…..all without complicated gym routines.

So here then are the science based reasons why kettlebells get you fitter, stronger and leaner in less time than anything else:

#1: Training With Kettlebells Just 2x Weekly Reduces Age-Related Muscle Loss, Builds Strength, Improves Fitness & Reduces Inflammation

So this study looked at the effect of kettlebell training on 60+year old humans over just 4 weeks. What did they find? Those who did kettlebell training not only reduced age related muscle loss but also got stronger, their mobility improved, their fitness improved and their body inflammatory markers (C-Reactive protein) improved as well.

To get these effects they only trained 2x per week.

Even better than that? The researchers found that even after the study had finished, some of the participants continued to use their kettlebells, which means they actually found it to be FUN.

Read the full abstract of the study here if you want.

#2: Kettlebells Increase Fitness In Less Time.

This study looked at the effects of two different types of kettlebell training on cardiovascular fitness.

One group trained with kettlebells really high intensity (short time duration). The other group took their time so it was easier but took longer.

What did they find?

Both groups got fitter. Massively so. But the coolest part?

The group that used the shortest rest periods had the best gains in the shortest time. Here’s an actual quote from the researchers:

The use of the kettlebell swing in a Tabata interval framework may safely and effectively provide multi-faceted exercise adaptations with a relatively short time investment. High-repetition kettlebell swings, regardless of protocol, may elicit a vigorous cardiovascular response

Howard Fortner et al (2014)

If you want to dig into the full study yourself, you can do so here.

#3: Kettlebells Are As Effective As Weight Training

This study basically looked at whether or not kettlebells are a viable alternative to traditional weight training.

What did they find?

Kettlebells improved fitness, power and strength just as much as traditional weight training, just in less time.

Read the full abstract here.

Here’s a quote from the researchers:

considering that traditional strength training devices (barbells) and exercise facilities (gyms) could be expensive and keep beginners away, kettlebell exercise may be a more affordable and accessible strength and aerobic training alternative to increase and maintain physical fitness related to cardiorespiratory health and power and strength performance, with low cost (for coach and/or practitioners) because it requires less equipment and restricted physical space. However, it needs to be guided by trained professionals.

Kinet (2019)

#4: The Kettlebell Swing Increases Testosterone

These researchers from the Journal Of Strength & Conditioning looked at the acute hormonal response to kettlebell swing (just one of many exercises you can do with a kettlebell).

What did they find?

Basically that the kettlebell swing increased testosterone levels in men. Not only that but the more they did the swings the higher their testosterone levels went.

What man doesn’t want more testosterone?

(if you’re unaware, more testosterone basically means less lard, more muscle and a generally happier mood).

You can read the study here if you want.

The #1 Question People Ask

Most of the time once people understand just how effective kettlebells are at creating strength, fitness and burning lard in minimal time they often ask: “where do I start?”.

The good news is, I’ve got the perfect start point for you (assuming you’re a beginner) below.

Start Here

If you’d rather learn the ropes in the privacy of your own home then check out my 5 star rated book on Amazon called “Swing On” Here. It’ll teach you the fundamental exercise of the kettlebell swing super fast so you can get all the above benefit ASAP.

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