Why Are You Out Of Shape?

Serious question dude

Is it cos you’re to busy?

Cos you HATE HATE HATE exercise?

Can’t stand gyms…

There are so many excuses

But I have a theory

Maybe it’s cos you see the douchebag trainers
with their 6 packs and bulging muscles

And you definitely DON’T want to look like

So you make damn sure you don’t

By giving up and becoming out of shape

See when you’re internally driven NOT to be

—> You become the opposite

This makes you feel comfortable


Kinda stubborn though innit dude

You’re willing to sacrifice your health and
fitness cos you’re scared of becoming one of
‘Those’ fellas

But you won’t

Which is why I want to show you how to get
fit and healthy


In 20 mins per day without having to give up
your life for it

Yep I like to be fit and healthy

But not at the expense of everything else in
my life

It’s what gives the energy to do all the
things I like

Rather than sitting on my fat arse all day

^^^ Which I used to be world class at by the

So if you’re worried that by starting a
program it’ll consume your life

Don’t be

It won’t

In fact this very program will give you your
life back (or your money back)

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p.s. SO what box set you sitting in front of
tonight then dude?





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