You Want Proof?

What’s the point?

It’s all well and good for you to tell me
what to do

But where’s the evidence?

^^^ That’s YOU talking to me by the way

Just in case you were confused

Here’s the thing though

I’m currently in sunny South Shields

With my coach and a bunch of other guys
striving to improve their businesses

Not just in fitness either…

I like hangin’ with these dudes cos they keep
me in check…

They make sure I do what I said I would do…

As I do for them

We look after each other

Support each other

Slap each other in the dish (geordie term)
when we’re hiding

Tell each other the TRUTH…

^^^ Which isn’t always what we want to hear

But it ALWAYS helps

So if you want to know if I’m ‘qualified’ to
run a one day Bulletproof Mindset event…

An event that will set a fire under your arse

That will forge a Bulletproof plan so you
can’t fail

So you STOP giving up on goals you set

Cos you run out of willpower every damn time

If you want ‘evidence’ that this shit works

Just look at the videos all over Farcebook of
the guys getting some SERIOUS results with
their strength and fitness v v v

SEE How much of a laugh we have while doing

Watch the videos HERE of how I keep fellas on
point every damn day to make sure they don’t
give up

Look back through the blog on my website to
see the hundreds of emails I’ve written…

Yep AT LEAST one a day for the last few years

Talking about consistency and commitment
(demonstration right there for you dude)

THIS is why I’m spending the next TWO days
focusing on how the following 90 days will
turn out…

^^^ Not by me just doing what I already do

But finding ways to keep on pushing myself to
do better

– Better in my relationships with family and

– Better with my fitness so my body doesn’t
give up on me when I need it the most

So I have the energy to serve you and the
hundreds of fellas I’m helping right now

– Better in my business so I don’t let you
down when things get tough for me

Cos then we’re all fooked

THIS is why I feed off the energy from MY

And the fellas in my coaching group

We ALL stumble

We ALL struggle

And without each others support we would all
probably be in the nuthouse by now

There are already enough people out there who
‘talk’ a good talk…

^^^ They’ll be easy to spot…

Usually the ones who have ZERO evidence of
their results


p.s. If you don’t wanna be the fella who’s
trying to figure all of this shit out on your

then we’re all here waiting for you dude





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