Where The Hidden Calories Are

There are hidden calories everywhere (and most fellas don’t even know they’re consuming them) so I’m going to share a story that may just help identify where these extra calories are and how to cut down on them, without having to cut out those favourite foods, so fellas struggling to get in shape can finally get the result, and waistline, they’ve been after for so many years.

Most fellas who want to get back in shape will realise at some point that they can’t out train a bad diet (I know this myself from bitter experience and a lot of wasted time in the gym)

These same fellas also probably think they have to give up all of their favourite foods if they ever want to stand a chance of slipping back into those ‘still stylish’ shirts that have been hanging at the back of the wardrobe for the last decade.
Regardless of what you’ve tried in the past I’m about to help you identify where those extra calories are coming from and how to reduce them while still being able to eat your favourite foods.

You may have noticed that a coffee isn’t a coffee any more, you can now buy a latte in a cup that is akin to a paddling pool. I was talking to a friend who drinks 3 lattes per day (which he makes himself). He uses half a pint of semi-skimmed milk for each one (1.5 pints of milk per day) and pretty much drinks them out of a trough.
That’s a total of 390 calories per day just on coffee (which is roughly 20% of the daily calorie allowance assuming 2,000 calories). Calculate this over the week and this guy is taking in 2,730 calories just in coffee, which is well over a day’s worth, and imagine how bloated he feels too.

I asked him why he drinks this much and he told me he likes the creaminess. This is where strategy comes in so he can still have his favourite drink while consuming a third of the calories.
When I asked him if he gulped these beverages down you won’t be surprised to hear that he does.

“They’ll go cold otherwise” that was his rationale

I asked him if he was willing to cut down to just 2 coffees per day, half the size of the ones he was currently drinking, and take small sips while still enjoying the creaminess. This way he cuts out 260 calories per day (1,820 across the week) while still being able to enjoy his favourite cuppa.

When it was explained in this way it’s obvious what to do yet it’s not always that easy.

Where Are The Hidden Calories?

If you need help identifying where you could cut back then the Ditch The Dad Bod 28 Day Online Challenge is the perfect place to start. You’ll get access to the BKS Nutrition System and coaching to help reduce calories as well as motivation from a group of like minded men

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