When Your Kids Ask A Questions You Can’t Answer

This is a story I heard on the wireless radio…

It was the answer to a question someone asked their dad when they
were young

The questions was:

Why do dogs sniff each others’ bottoms?

The dad didn’t know so he told this cherub that when God made
dogs he accidentally got their bottoms mixed up… so every dog
is on the search for its own behind

^^^ Great that innit

And I bet you’ve told your kids a few porkies like that… when
you don’t know the answer

Although it’s probably less common these days as we now have
Google… the fountain of ALL knowledge

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything you find on the
old Google machine is the truth though does it

I find it’s a place where you ask a questions then look for the
answer you want to believe

If you type in “What’s the best way to get in shape fast” you’ll
get roughly 116 MILLION answers

So it’s probably best to narrow that down a bit

Which I shall do for you right now…

So get yourself a pen and a piece of paper


Here goes…


It’s really that simple…

If you don’t enjoy going to the gym…. then that’s NOT the best
way for YOU to get in shape

If you LOVE running… go running

If you like lifting weights but don’t want to be surrounded by
meatheads then get some kettlebells and do it at home…

Or even better… outside in the sunshine

Like we do here at BKS

The fellas absolutely love it…

The mere suggestion of getting a unit to train indoors is brushed
aside quickly cos being outside makes everyone happier

Now if you aren’t quite sure what you enjoy doing to get in shape
you’re gonna have to try a few different things to narrow it down
from the 116 Million options on Google

Which is why I’m giving you the opportunity to try Kettlebell
training with me and the other fellas

If you’re not sure???

That’s cool… the guys were the same (a couple of them had
dabbled with kettlebells but most of em were TOTAL beginners)

That’s why the 14 Day Trial works so well

You get to decide if it’s for you or not

If it isn’t… cool… you tried

But if it IS for you

Then just imagine how STRONG you’re gonna be in a few weeks

Sounds good right

Then you’d best get in and snag the FINAL spot for the trial
starting on Monday

==> Grab the last place on the 14 day trial



p.s. If you’ve messaged me and I haven’t got back yet don’t

I’ll get back to you TODAY




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