What’s Your Identity?

I used to be the drunk one…

That was MY identity

And I played up to it

See I know someone who used to be big…

And I mean big

28 stone

And wanted to lose weight but was scared

Scared of what they’d become

^^^ Crazy right?

But when you think about it

This person has always been the fat one

At school they were the chubby kid

And that’s carried on to adult life

So what happens if they do lose weight?

Who do they become

Where does their identity go?

^^^ This is serious dude

Now this person has since lost EIGHT stone
(and looks amazing)

( Not by joining my groups by the way… This
is someone I know and is a great example of
this point)

But because of the identity of being the
chubby one it was taken to the extreme

And only when they reached 28 stone did it
FINALLY become too much

This can happen with all sorts of issues dude

Like I said earlier

Mine was drinking

I couldn’t go out without getting shitfaced

And I mean getting scraped up from the
pavement night after night

That was my identity

And I didn’t know who else to be

I don’t want it to be too late for you

If you’re reading this and thinking you can’t

Because it will change your identity

Then I urge you my friend

Think of the consequences of not getting in

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