What’s Wrong With The World

“You’re a true gentleman”

^^^ That’s what a lady said to me yesterday

And all because I held a door open for her (which is
standard right)

Thing is though it made me feel good for the rest of
the day… and still does now as I write this

It never ceases to amaze me how a small gesture can
have such a massive impact (I like to think she had a
great day too)

It works both ways though…

Like when I hold doors for people and they hardly even
acknowledge my existence (which happens more often than
I’d like)

Sometimes I feel like I’m invisible

And I used to get pissed off with this… Like really
pissed off

Start to wonder what’s wrong with the world

That’s a lot of negative energy and it feeds into
everyone else I am around at the time…

^^^ When the person who didn’t say thank you is
probably just in a hurry… so they forgot

We’ve all done it

You’re in your own little world and sometimes do things
that are against your good nature

It doesn’t make you a bad person… just ‘normal’

Especially in a world where EVERYONE is permanently in
a hurry…

That’s why I dish out a lot of free information

Cos it makes me feel good…

If you use it then that’s great… (especially when you
tell me how well it’s worked for you)

If you don’t use it… well… that’s also cool

But gathering information does nothing unless you
actually do USE it…

There’s a world of difference between seeing what an
exercise should look like and actually DOING it

Which is why I like to break it down so you can ‘Feel’
what it should be like

It’s exactly what I do in my SWING ON book…

This is the BEST place to start when you want to get in

It’s cardio without having to go running for hours

It burns a ton of calories in a very short amount of

As well as building strength and stamina

ALL in one exercise

And it’s really easy to do…




p.s. cold innit





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