What’s ‘Speculative’ Clothing?

I talk a lot…


With fellas just like you

The guys here at BKS help me out every day

I talk to them about how things are going

What I can do to improve my service

And the feedback is usually positive…

Like yesterday when I was talking to Steve

I’d recorded a Daily Dynamite episode #20 and
mentioned he’d lost a stone…

He watched it

And told me he’s actually lost A STONE AND A
HALF (and needed to buy some new clothes)

So I stand corrected

Then Dave chimed in talking about how half of
his wardrobe consists of ‘speculative’

^^^ You know what he means right

Those clothes you bought 3 years ago when you
FINALLY decided to lose weight

But they’re still hanging there in your

Laughing at you every time you wear the
clothes from the other side of the rail

I used to do this myself

Then when I lost 3 stone they were out of

So I needed to buy new stuff anyway…

Luckily Dave is starting to fit into his
already so he doesn’t have the same problem

So what about you dude

Have you got ‘speculative’ clothing

Is that your goal?

If you haven’t would you love to be able to
buy clothes that actually fit you

Rather than just the baggy stuff that hides

(I didn’t tuck my shirt in for 10 years cos I
was embarrassed)

^^^ Then I did something about it

As did Dave

and Steve

It’s your turn my friend

So if you want to lose some lard by June

With my Online Challenge

That only takes 20 mins per day

So you can get some use out of those clothes
before they go the way of flared jeans

Then all you have to do is hit this link



p.s. Feels good to buy new clothes that
actually fit




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