What’s Really In Your Ready Meal?

A big pile of poo

Dirty Nappies

Used condoms

Wet wipes

Cotton buds

And congealed fat…

^^^ Nope that’s not the ingredients list on
the back of a ready meal from the

(Although it’s probably not far from the

It’s what was found in a sewer below the
streets of London

And it’s gonna take 3 weeks to get shot of

I pity the poor saps who are delegated to
‘take care’ of this shower of shit

But it’s a bit like your body when you think
of it…

If you put the wrong things in your plughole

Then it’s gonna add up over time…

It’s gonna cause blockages…

Funny smells

Weird gurgling noises

But here’s where the problem lies…

And this might sound a bit harsh

But NOBODY is coming to clear this away for

You can’t just get a team in to dissolve it
and start again

You have to sort it out yourself

^^^ And it won’t take no 3 weeks either…

So if you think you can just join a gym

And hit it hard for a month to clear your

(so to speak)

Then I have some bad news for you dude

^^^ You’re gonna be struggling for a VERY
long time

(if you haven’t been already)

You’re gonna need a team of ‘experts’ to show
you how to dissolve that fat

Cos they’ve done it time and time again

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