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What’s In It For You?

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So what do you actually get

For Free

On the September Swing Challenge

Which you can jump on by clicking this link v
v v


Well apart from having me coach you for a
whole month

And the help and support from everyone else
on the challenge…

Here’s a few of the things you can expect to
happen in the next month :

– Pull your belt in a couple of notches
(without dieting)

– Feel fitter stronger and healthier (with
only 10 mins ‘exercise’ per day)

– Learn the ONLY exercise you’ll ever need to
keep you strong for the rest of your (long)

– Decrease your chances of getting one of the

Heart Disease

Type 2 Diabetes


As well as many others

– Lose weight while gaining energy (so you
don’t feel so lethargic all the time)

– More confidence so you don’t hide behind
‘comfy’ clothing any more

– Better sleep (so you’re not falling asleep
at your desk every afternoon at 3)

– Super simple nutrition ‘hacks’ that will
surprise you (especially as you can still eat
quite a lot of food)

ZERO gimmicks…

Just 10 mins of exercise per day for a

That’s all I ask

Apart from this…

Are you in?

If yes…

Then click here v v v



p.s. If not

Chances are I can’t help you…







Peter Lant

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