What You Up To Tomorrow?

Tomorrow morning

I will be boarding a train EARLY

And making my way to Cheltenham…

From which

I will then walk back

Along the Cotswold Way


Back to Bath…

That’s 100km (there or thereabouts)

In one sitting

So why am I doing this?


I want to PROVE that I can

To myself


Because I used to be fat an out of shape

I had Jublies and Jowls

The belt line on my boxers used to fold over

I wore baggy clothing…

And I got sick of it…

I hated being like that but wasn’t prepared
to do anything about it…

Until the pain of remaining that way
outweighed the struggle to actually do
something about it…

Which was when everything changed for me

So now I’m gonna SHOW you how well the
training we do here at BKS works…

I remember going for a 7 mile walk a few
years back…

I took sandwiches and everything

Just to walk 7 miles…

Whereas now I regularly do 16 milers for

So I thought I’d take it to another level…

I’ve done ZERO extra training for this

Aside from some Kettlebell stuff and a few 16
mile walks

But the strength I’ve gained in my hips

My shoulders

My ‘Core’

Will get me through it (hopefully)

Keep a check on Farcebook for progress…

And hopefully I’ll be able to check in with
you Sunday (assuming I’m still alive)…


p.s. If you missed out on the Online Program
starting THIS MONDAY

Just hit me up

I may still be able to get you in…

But only if you’re quick…





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