What You Looking At?

Get some funny looks me…

I was chucking a bell around in the park

There was another trainer taking a client
through a session a few metres away…

And another one in the other direction…

But I’m the one who gets the funny looks

Like I’m some sort of weirdo or summink…

(Or is that just MY perception of what people

^^^ That’s for another day…


A lady passer by told me I was gonna hurt my

She said what I was doing was dangerous

^^^ Again… my perception of what she
actually might have meant

Although she did say it was bad for my back

Thing is though

I do this for a living…

I know what I’m talking about

I’m not just some numpty chucking a weight
around with zero idea of WHAT I’m doing

Or WHY I’m doing it

^^^ (You can go to any commercial gym and see

I always know EXACTLY why I’m doing

And it’s usually to make me stronger…

To the untrained eye it may look dangerous
but I make sure I’m as safe as possible…

If I get too tired or feel any discomfort (or


Which is what I did yesterday…

I wanted to go for 25 mins

I managed 17 and was worn out

So I stopped

I’d get nothing from trying to plough my way
through to the end of the session (and
increase my chance of injury)

^^^ Thus proving the nice lady right…

So what about you dude?…

If you have an exercise regime do you know
WHY you’re doing it?

And if you know why…

Have you been getting the results you want?

If the answer is YES

Then crack on…

If however you’re smashing yourself to

Every day

And not getting what you want

Then it may be prudent to ask someone who can
help you

Namely me


Just hit this link and join my online program

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Where you get coaching from me personally

^^^ So you know what you’re doing


p.s. Or just crack on for another 10 years
without results

Like I did

And see how that feels






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