What Would You Tell A Younger You?

If you could go back and tell your younger self a few home
truths… what would you say?

This comes after a comment one of the new fellas said this week

He wished he could go back and tell himself he should keep in

Now this is a strong chap… he does a lot of kayaking (and
teaches it) but is still surprised at how his cardio lets him

But he hates running

Which is why kettlebells have been perfect for him cos he can get
a cardio workout done in 20 mins (while strengthening his core
and getting even stronger in the process)

Perfect for some heavy kayaking that

So what about you dude

Do YOU wish you’d have stayed in shape as you got older

Assuming you’ve ever been in shape (I say that cos I never
was…. didn’t really commit to it until I was 35)

And I wish I’d started sooner

So if you would go back and tell yourself to just get a few
sessions in a week

Not too much… But just enough to keep you moving pain free…

Nothing too heavy but all the while maintaining or even building
your strength and mobility

Making sure you don’t lose too much muscle (which happens from
the age of 30 unless you’re doing weight bearing exercises

Maintaining your bone density so you can stay strong and stable

—> Then have a think about the consequences of not doing
something about it NOW

You may very well be sitting there in your 70s wishing you could
go back and tell your younger self

As in you NOW

To get back on shape before it’s too late

And while it’s NEVER too late it’s usually always better to get
started sooner rather than later

Otherwise it just gets harder (as you already know)

That’s why I’m extending you an invite to be part of my STRONG
DAD Online program

Cos I don’t want you to look back at this time of your life and
wish you’d have done something

Especially when the solution is right here in front of you

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