What Time Is It?

A friend of mine told me about this old couple a few years back

She used to work in a Museum and she arrived for work on the
Wednesday after the clocks had gone back…

The old couple were standing there a bit bemused… So she asked
if she could help

They asked what time the museum opened and she replied 9am…

The old couple were still a bit perplexed as they pointed out
that it was 9.20am and the doors were still firmly locked…

My friend explained that is was actually 8.20am as the clocks
had gone back at the weekend

^^^ This old couple had gone 3 whole days without realising

I love this story because I think it would be great to be able to
go through life without being shackled by time constraints

And someday that will happen for us all..

But for now… time is ticking on and things need to be done

And yes… I know… the clocks went FORWARDS at the weekend…
but that brings me nicely to the point of this here email…

Cos it would seem that winter has been loooooong and drawn out…

Those freezing cold winds have been keeping us shivering for a
good while now… and let me tell you that being outdoors most of
the day is a bit of a challenge when this happens…

^^^ But it’s STILL better than being in a stuffy gym

But that all flipped at the weekend… when I woke up on Sunday
it looked like someone had switched the sun on (just at the right

Just when we were all getting tired of the cold miserable

And this is what happens with most things…

Just when you’re so fed up… you can’t deal with any more of
whatever it is that’s dragging you down…

There’s a solution that turns up and makes everything ok…

Like if you’re feeling a bit out of shape at the moment

You got holidays planned… and you want to feel good in a
t-shirt (or even with your top off on the beach)

You want to be able to wear a pair of shorts without worrying
about hiding the top half of your legs

You’d love to be able to play footy with the kids without barfing
up a lung and having to ‘sit this one out’

This is all real stuff that we have to deal with unfortunately
(but not any more)

Cos your uncle Peter has just the thing

A 14 day trial in the sunshine here at BKS

Where you will learn how to strip away body fat faster than a
George Formby grill

As well as getting strong as fook in the process

You may even get a bit of a tan too…

==> Joint the BKS 14 day trial to experience how awesome being
super strong feels



p.s. I can’t promise the sun will shine

But I can promise you’ll get super strong

If not… I’ll give you your money back





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