What Paul Said

I shall let Paul do all of the talking today


“I am the typical person the “Strong Dad” programme is aimed at:
spend too much time at a desk, in my mid-40s, used to go to the
gym but it didn’t stick, desperately need to improve my health
and struggled to do even simple things like walk upstairs, stand
for any length of time, or do any exercise.

Peter’s Bath Kettlebell Society kept popping up in my Facebook
feed, as someone I know had used his services and recommended
him. I loved Kettlebells when I went to the gym so was interested
but life kept getting in the way.

Then 3 months before I started the Strong Dad’s programme I had a
heart attack. I recovered (thankfully), went to rehab and they
said you need regular exercise and to lose a lot of fat off your
body. And being someone who hates running, didn’t have the time
for the gym, and who needs a bit of a push, I looked around for
an alternative.

Up pops Peter’s lard burner programme for free, and I wanted to
see if it could work. I bought a kettlebell and gave it a go and
loved it and wanted more.

However, I needed something tailored to me and my needs
especially given my heart issues and my knees, and my back and
other things.

The Strong Dad programme offered me the opportunity to have
something tailored, something I can do in my own time with
support for how I exercise. An important piece for me was making
sure I had the right technique to improve and not injure myself

However even with best laid plans, I suffered some setbacks, like
injuring my back stepping off a kerb! Peter worked a programme
around it, so I could keep working while it healed.

It built my strength and confidence with exercise and then slowly
in myself. I don’t yet bound upstairs but I do walk up them
properly, I have lost 5kg since the start of the programme
however my physical shape has changed enormously with clothes
fitting more easily and I have no problem standing for long
periods of time.

And I exercise at least 3 times a week, usually 5 for at least 30
minutes and its fun. Especially pressing a kettlebell above my
head. Still lots of areas to improve but I’m making progress and
more importantly I believe I can succeed.

I’ve also learned that this is far more about your mental state
and how to follow a programme to keep moving forward even when
occasionally you have a blip. Having the back up of Peter and
other people on the programme has been invaluable.

Talking in the group about our worries and concerns with people
in the same boat is hugely encouraging. I signed up for 3 months
but given the progress and the fact that this is a life change
for me not a quick fix, I’ve signed up for more and I know I will
reach my goals with this programme.

If you are ready to change and have had enough of feeling less
than healthy and want to get better in fitness, in strength and
in the way you feel about yourself, join the Strong Dad
programme. It is literally changing my life and I believe it can
change yours and this from one of life’s perpetual cynics.”


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