What Is Online Training?

You may well be asking yourself that…

When it’s easier to just ask me

So here’s how it works

You fill in the application for to become a

==> S T R O N G -> Dad

By clicking that link up there ^^^

I’ll have a look at it

If it looks like this program will work for you (based
on your answers) I’ll arrange a time to talk to you on
the phone to find out more about what you want

Once we’ve decided if this will work for you I’ll set
you up on my system

– There’s a Members area on my website where I will
create an account for you

– You can then download my app which will give you
access via ANY device wherever you are

– You’ll get access to my Online Nutrition system which
makes the minefield of what and when to eat easier to
navigate (cos you don’t have to worry about ANY of that)

– You record a few measurements so we can keep track of
your progress via the online system

– When Mon 5 Feb comes round it will all start

– Your workouts (based on YOUR goals) will have been
uploaded into the system

– You follow along and log when you have done them (so
I can see that you’re sticking to the program)

– You track your results every 2 weeks (so we can
change anything that needs addressing)

– We’ll have regular skype calls to make sure you get
everything you need

– You can ask as many questions as you like and I’ll
answer them all IN FULL to make sure your progress
doesn’t stall while you wait for an answer

– I’ll add you to the FB Group where all of the other
S T R O N G -> Dads will be hanging out so you can chat
with them about how great the program is and keep each
other motivated throughout

And after 3 months you’ll be looking leaner and meaner
while being ludicrously strong and dare I say…
younger looking?

So if you think that sounds simple enough (which it
is… I tried but couldn’t make it ANY simpler for you)

Check out the application form for further details

==> Application to be a S T R O N G -> Dad


p.s. If you have any questions then just hit reply and

Your email will go straight to me 🙂







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