What Is BKSIC?

Good question that

BKSIC is my monthly online subscription to help
busy fellas (who can’t make it to my live sessions)


Who don’t live anywhere near me

But still want to work with me

Cos they know this shit works

It’ll help you strip away body fat

Get super StRoNg

As well as insanely fit

Without having to join a sweaty gym

But rather than bangin’ on about that

I thought I’d just tell you what you’ve missed
over the last few months…

So here goes (all of these are available once you
subscribe by the way)

NOVEMBER 2016 – How to build super stamina
and grip strength to improve ALL of your

DECEMBER 2016 – How to strip away body fat in
just 4 weeks with this VERY SIMPLE program
(so you can dig into that turkey… gobble

JANUARY 2017 – How to build more lean muscle
to give you even more strength than you
thought imaginable (so you can eat whatever
you like for a month)

FEBRUARY 2017 – Fat Burning Complexes you can
insert into any program

MARCH 2017 – My own personal SFG1 Prep
Program (this was the program that sky
rocketed my strength in only 2 months)

APRIL 2017 – How to build the strength of a
Gladiator… and learn about the 4 Pillars of
success in weight loss

MAY 2017 – Improve your snatch technique… and
how to develop a growth mindset so you NEVER
give up (even when you have ZERO willpower)

You also get access to my UNIQUE nutrition website
that takes away all of the guesswork so you don’t have
to count calories…

So if you want THIS MONTH’s…


You’d best be quick

It goes out at midday tomorrow

Subscribe here v v v






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