What Is A ‘Swing Challenge’

^^^ Had this question from Tom yesterday

So I thought I would furnish you with an
explanation too…

Aren’t I nice ๐Ÿ™‚

The Free Swing Challenge

Which you can join here by the way (where you
will get all the info you need)


Is an online challenge where you do
kettlebell swings every day for a month

It starts on 25 Nov (THIS SATURDAY)

And will make sure you don’t outgrow all of
your clothes during the festive period

So you can enter 2018 feeling STRONG

Rather than joining the rabble who decided to
hit the gym again for another couple of weeks

(until they get sick of it and just buy some
bigger trousers)

Same as last year


When you join I will send you a book showing
you exactly how to do the swing…

I break it down to make it super simple for

It’s exactly how I teach the guys who see me
in person…

And if you’ve seen any of the videos of these
fellas you’ll see how easy they make it look

There are also step-by-step videos to help
you out…

^^^ And if that isn’t enough

You can ask me PERSONALLY for help via the
‘Secret’ Farcebook group

Where everyone else on the challenge will be
hangin’ out

As well as the fellas who’re already on my
online program

^^^ These fellas will keep you motivated (cos
they know how daunting it is to start)

I will also give you some extremely simple
nutrition ‘hacks’ that will make sure you
lose the lard

(WITHOUT getting weaker)

So by the time Christmas comes around you
won’t have to fear the Turkey

And all the trimmings

You’ll be able to dig in guilt free

So how does all that sound


Thought so

So just click this link to get Free access



p.s. It really is that simple





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