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What Happened?

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This will certainly have happened to you before

You join a gym…

You pay up for 12 months

Start with ALL the enthusiasm

Then something happens

– You have a busy week at work

– One of the kids is ill (so needs childcare)

– You catch whatever the cherub had (so that’s a few days off for
you too)

You miss a few gym sessions

So you give up…

^^^ This has been happening to a couple of the STRONG DADS by the

(as well as myself)

I’ve been ill this week (which is very rare for me)

I had to miss a few sessions

But that’s cool

I can catch up

As can the guys on the STRONG DAD program

(which is why they’re here… cos they know I’ll keep them

They KNOW that I won’t let them give up (just cos things are a
bit tough at the moment)

It will pass

They’ll catch up

They WILL get stronger



It’s what I help fellas like you with

Best way to start is by jumping aboard the 14 day trial

==> Join the BKS 14 day trial

It starts Monday



p.s. If you DO want to give up (before you’ve started)

Then unsubscribe is this way





Peter Lant

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