What Do You Think?

As you know my friend…

We do sessions in the park

Where we get some funny looks I can tell you

But we’re all ok with that…

Cos we know this works…

But we still get a lot of comments…

Most of em supportive (which is nice)

^^^ Although on Farcebook it’s a different

Cos people can hide there…

Lurk and then pounce when they’re having a
bad day…

Ridicule someone to make themself feel

Happened a while back

A guy commented about how we’re all full of
shit and we should just go walking cos that’s
good for you

He also posted a picture of his 6 pack abs
(which to be fair to him looked pretty damn

Then on Monday

I got to meet him…

He walked past us and gave us some support…

Yep this is the same fella who was calling us
out only a few months ago…

See he thought we were a bunch of meatheads
who just focused on getting ripped

Rather than a group of fellas just getting
better at moving well so we live longer…

He also said something which made perfect
sense to me…

” Sort your head out and your body will sort
itself ”

^^^ And I think he’s right


If you want to lose weight

Get stronger


Look and feel better

You can do exercise to get all of that

But what happens when you get the result

What does it actually give you?

^^^ Have a think about that one dude

It could be as simple as wanting to be a good
example to your kids

By being able to keep up with them playing
footy in the park

And if that means losing a few pounds and
getting rid of those niggling injuries…

Then I have just the answer you need

Right here v v v

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p.s. I judged this guy when he left his

But now that I’ve met him it turns out we
have a similar outlook to all this stuff





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