What Did You Used To Get Smashed On?

Remember Thunderbird

Mad Dog 20/20


^^^ Which we used to call Harger Jarger Charver Lager

Used to get HAMMERED on all that stuff back in the day

And I remember hating whisky (Scottish Spelling)

Mainly because all I had access to was Bells (ironic right) and
would just drink it to get trolleyed

I actually quite like whisky these days (but that’s probably
something to do with drinking it to appreciate rather than get

It’s kinda like you and cardio

You do loads of it





Those funny eliptical trainer thingys in the gym

And a bit more running

It makes you feel sick (and takes up waaaay to much of your
valuable time)

You’re ‘hung-over’ the next day with aches and pains (and you
feel knackered all the time)

^^^ Which obviously means you need to do even more right….


But there aren’t enough hours in the day…

So what if I told you that I could help you actually ENJOY

See I think (Actually I KNOW) the reason why you struggle to get
back in shape is because you find exercise TEDIOUS

^^^ I used to be a bit of a cardio junkie myself

The more miles I put in running and rowing the less I had to
think about my poor food and booze choices

But I still remained flabby (and couldn’t work out why)

So the very reason I hated exercise was because it just didn’t
seem to get rid of my jublies

No matter how much I did

I was ready to give up and stay chubby


I decided to get stronger

Do LESS to achieve MORE

That’s when I started to enjoy the feeling of getting back in

I saved myself a TON of time (and actually got better results
than before)

NOW … at the age of 41 (and 10 months)

I feel the fittest and strongest I have EVER felt

^^^ I actually ENJOY my workouts because I know they are making
me stronger

And I want to help you have that same feeling

My STRONG DAD Online Program will help you in EXACTLY the same
way it helped me

It’s based on where I started out

It’s where I start all of the fellas on my programs

(and you’ve seen the results they get all over tinternet)

If you havent? (then go search for #bathkettlebellsociety on
social media)

Once you’ve seen the PROVEN results these fellas have had

And you’re ready to give up hours and hours of even more of that
cardio you despise

==> CLICK HERE to save yourself from wasting any more time

We’re not getting any younger dude

But it’s still not too late to get started



p.s. What would you do with all of that free time I’ll be saving






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